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Case Studies: Triple H Foods

Spaghetti sauce, salsa and bottled orange juice are starting to come off the processing line at the new Triple H Foods plant in Riverside, California. Fueling the process is a big, modern 300-horsepower (HP) boiler, partially funded through Southern California Gas Company's Industrial Energy Efficiency Program.

The new boiler takes the place of three older, smaller and less efficient units, noted Richard Harris, Secretary/ Treasurer of Triple H. "We upgraded by 50 more horsepower. And we couldn't have afforded it without Southern California Gas Company's program," Harris said.

While planning the consolidation of three older plants into the new location, Harris looked into a variety of options for boiler systems, including smaller units and used boilers.

"But it just didn't make sense," he said. "The smaller units are so inefficient in gas consumption, you lose what you saved on the equipment."

So Harris started looking at new 200 to 250-HP boilers. He learned about Southern California Gas Company's Industrial Incentive Program through the boiler manufacturer, and then called the l-800-GAS-2000 number.

"When Southern California Gas Company said they would participate, we jumped up to the 300-HP boiler so we could handle larger processing contracts. Thanks to Southern California Gas Company, we now have some excess capacity to handle more volume."

The plant also participated in Southern California Gas Company's Heat Recovery Program. With the help of Southern California Gas Company engineers, Triple H is able to bring water back into their tanks at 208°F. "We were going to do about half the heat recovery job we needed to do." But, with Southern California Gas Company's planning assistance, Harris said his plant now has a 93% rate of recovery.

Total cost of the boiler and heat recovery system was about $180,000. Southern California Gas Company's incentive was approximately $34,000. And the savings didn't stop here. Harris estimated Triple H Foods will save in excess of 38,000 therms a year.

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