Available Modules

Watertube Boilers

Watertube boilers are designed so that the tubes contain steam and/or water and the products of combustion pass around the tubes. Typically, watertube designs consist of multiple drums. A steam drum (upper) and mud drums (lower) are connected by the tubes, which form both the convection section and the furnace area. Packaged industrial watertube boilers are typically rated in pounds of steam per hour
output at operating conditions and range from 10,000 to 150,000 lbs/hr. Industrial watertube boilers are noted for their fast steaming capability and high steam quality. Steam is generated very rapidly because of the relatively low water content, thus allowing quick response to changing load demands.

The industrial watertube boiler design makes it capable of generating either saturated or superheated steam. When applications dictate superheated steam, large or fluctuating steam loads, high pressures or high steam quality, an industrial watertube boiler should be considered.

Commercial watertube boilers typically produce steam or hot water for commercial, or modest-size applications. There are a wide variety of types, sizes, capacities, and design pressures available. Commercial watertube boilers can be membrane type, straight tube, modular, etc. They can be either atmospherically fired or utilize power burners.

Flexible watertube boilers are a common type of boiler used for heating applications because of their resistance to thermal shock. Flexible watertube boilers are available in size ranges from 1.5 to 9 MMBtu/hr input. Flexible watertube boilers are available for low-pressure steam or hot water applications. Field erectable packages are also available.

The membrane watertube boiler is available for low or high-pressure steam or hot water applications. High outputs are available in a compact design and should be considered where space is limited. Sizes range from 34 to 143 horsepowe



O-Type Watertube