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Dual Fuel Burners
Where interruptions in the natural gas supply are a concern, burners must be able to burn standby fuels. In many areas, LP gas is readily available. Most natural gas burners can handle LP with little or no modification. Where fuel oil is the standby fuel, a combination gas-oil burner is used.

What are Dual-Fuel Systems?

  • They are combustion systems capable of operating on two or more fuels.
  • They deliver about the same performance using any of the fuels.
  • They can burn the different fuels separately or a combination of them at the same time.

What Alternate Fuels are Used?
In North America, the most common are:

  • LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) -- usually Propane, but sometimes Butane or a Propane-Butane mixture.
  • Distillate Fuel Oil, also known as Light Oil or Heating Oil. May include Diesel.
  • Residual Fuel Oil, also known as Heavy Oil or Bunker C Oil.

Why Use Dual-Fuel Systems?

  • To keep operations running in case the natural gas supply is curtailed or cut off.
  • To get an interruptible price rate for natural gas -- accept the possibility of being curtailed in return for lower gas prices.
  • To be able to switch to the least expensive fuel where competing fuels cost about the same and where prices fluctuate frequently.