Available Modules

Industrial Burners: Flat Flame / Short Flame Burner

Gas-Air Mixing Type: Nozzle Mix
Options Available:

Performance Capabilities:
Output Range: Up to 6.5 Million Btu/hr
Maximum Furnace Temperature: 2600°F
Turndown Ratio: Up to 25 to 1

General Description:
Flame spins rapidly forcing it to spread over the flared burner
block as a flat disc or shallow cone. The hot combustion gases scrub the surface of the block and surrounding furnace wall or roof, heating them so they glow and re-radiate to the rest of the furnace and its load. Because the flames have very little forward motion, burners can be located close to the load without fear of impinging on it. These burners are a type of high intensity infrared burner.

Principal Applications: Steel Reheating & Forge Furnaces, Bell-Type Strip & Coil Annealing Furnaces, Aluminum Die Casting Melting Furnaces, and Galvanizing Kettles