Available Modules

Industrial Burners: Open Radiant Tube Burner

Gas-Air Mixing Type: Nozzle Mix
Options Available:

Performance Capabilities:
Output Range: Up to 1 Million Btu/hr
Maximum Furnace Temperature: 2000°F
Turndown Ratio: 1 to 1 (Operated on-off)

General Description:
Also known as "pull-through" burners, these burners were designed specifically to avoid contamination of heat treating furnace atmospheres in case the radiant tube develops a leak. Unlike sealed burners where combustion air is pushed through the burner and tube under pressure, these systems use either a fan or venturi eductor at the exhaust end of the tube. They pull a suction on the tube, which draws room air into the burner. If a tube should develop a leak, furnace atmosphere will be drawn into it and exhausted with the combustion products, instead of having combustion products flow into the furnace, contaminating the atmosphere and causing quality problems.

Principal Applications: Batch & Continuous Steel Heat Treating Furnaces