Available Modules

Industrial Burners: Sealed Radiant Tube Burner

Gas-Air Mixing Type: Nozzle Mix
Options Available:

Performance Capabilities:
Output Range: Up to 1,750,000 Btu/hr
Maximum Furnace Temperature: 2000°F
Turndown Ratio: Up to 100 to 1

General Description:
These burners develop long, slender semi-luminous to luminous flames, releasing heat evenly to the interior walls of the radiant tube. Because of the wide variety of tube configurations, lengths and diameters, many of these burners have adjustments to allow customizing the flame length and heat release pattern to the tube. In high temperature applications, radiant tube burners are usually operated on-off or high-low to avoid creating damaging hot spots in tubes at intermediate firing rates. Some safety regulations do not require flame supervision on radiant tube burners, however, most modern designs can be equipped with flame monitoring devices.

Principal Applications: Aluminum Heat Treating Furnaces, Batch & Continuous Steel Heat Treating Furnaces, and Indirect Air Heaters