Available Modules

Industrial Burners: Self-Recuperative Radiant Tube Burner

Gas-Air Mixing Type: Nozzle Mix
Options Available:

Performance Capabilities:
Output Range: Up to 350,000 Btu/hr
Maximum Furnace Temperature: 2000°F
Turndown Ratio: Up to 30 to 1

General Description:
Also known as a Single Ended Radiant Tube or SER, for short, the Self-Recuperative Radiant Tube Burner is an integrated package consisting of a gas burner, closed-end radiant tube and combustion air recuperator. Originally designed to replace open, single-pass radiant tubes on batch-type heat treat furnaces, SERs also see wide use on continuous heat treat furnaces and strip annealing lines, as well as gas-fired vacuum heat treat furnaces. Alloy radiant tubes are standard, but most manufacturers can supply ceramic radiant tubes for higher operating temperatures or more intense firing rates.

Principal Applications: Aluminum Melting Furnaces & Filter Boxes and Batch & Continuous Steel Heat Treating Furnaces