Available Modules

Industrial Burners: Variable Flame Geometry Burner

Gas-Air Mixing Type: Nozzle Mix
Options Available:

Performance Capabilities:
Output Range: Up to 660 Million Btu/hr
Maximum Furnace Temperature: 2300°F
Turndown Ratio: Up to 10 to 1

General Description:
The flame configurations of these burners can be adjusted during operation, from short and bushy to long and slender. On natural gas, the change from short to long is sometimes accompanied by a change in flame color from clear to luminous. The purpose is to tailor the heat release pattern to the characteristics of the load being run. Adjustment is usually done manually, but some burners are fitted with drive units for automatic cycling. On some applications, the flame is cycled back and forth to insure even heating from one end to the other in long combustion chambers.

Principal Applications: Asphalt & Aggregate Dryers, Rotary Calciners, Cement & Lime Kilns, Rotary Dryers, and Steel Soaking Pits