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Case Studies: Cogeneration - Gas Technology Institute's Distributed Energy Technology Center

Published: 8/29/02
Location: Des Plaines, IL

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has begun generating a significant portion of its own electrical power at its Chicago-area headquarters. The power (2 megawatts) comes from the company's Distributed Energy Technology Center (DETC). In addition, the Center also provides cooling and heating to GTI's 18-acre campus.

The DETC is a unique 3,600-square-foot facility designed to assess, verify, optimize, and certify the performance of emerging distributed energy (DE) equipment, and to evaluate the suitability of these systems in various applications.

The Center's ability to generate cooling, heating, and power is expected not only to cut overall energy costs to GTI but also to reduce electrical disruptions because of related upgrades.

The DETC is equipped with advanced reciprocating engines, an absorption chiller, data-acquisition equipment, an environmental chamber, and platforms for microturbine, fuel cells and interconnect systems for testing all types of DE equipment up to 3,000 kW.