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Case Studies: Air Compressors - E.L. Stone, Inc.

E.L. Stone, Inc. - Barberton, OH

Benefits Realized:

  • Energy Savings
  • Dependability
  • Heat Recovery
  • Variable Speed Throttle

What was Installed:
Manufacturer: Dearing
Type: Ultra Air

Technology on Location:
E.L. Stone is an industrial coating applicator located near Akron, Ohio. They are a licensed applicator of Dupont Teflon non-stick finishes and have served mainly the rotational molding, automotive, heavy truck, and construction industries for the past forty years.

E.L. Stone uses compressed air to sandblast the surface of items that they coat and for general coating applications. They require large volumes of air to cover their 2200 annual operating hours.

Since installing two Dearing Ultra Air Natural Gas Compressors and the related equipment, the company has been delighted with the results.

Technology in Action
Energy Savings
E.L. Stone switched to natural gas compressors primarily for the dramatic energy savings. With annual savings of approximately $40,000 per year and a short three year payback, it’s not hard to see why the company is “looking for other ways to use natural gas” in their business in the future.

In the past, E.L. Stone had experienced frequent brown-outs and power outages with electricity, particularly during the summer months. These problems wreaked havoc on their production as their equipment became powerless and inoperable. Now that they have switched to natural gas, they have not experienced a single interruption in service. This increased dependability has helped them immeasurably in meeting their aggressive production demands.

Heat Recovery
One key benefit E.L. Stone may now realize with their natural gas air compressor is the ability to recover heat. This heat can be used to warm water or air for numerous uses throughout the plant.

Variable Speed Throttle
Another key feature E.L. Stone can now experience with natural gas compressors is variable speed throttle. Many companies find this feature invaluable because it allows them to adjust the compressors specifically to the demands of each job. Companies can save even more production dollars by setting the speed lower, when higher speeds aren’t necessary, to avoid excessive energy use.

Overall Satisfaction
The success of the gas compressor installation has elated the management of E.L. Stone. They have found the equipment to be every bit as economical and dependable as they had hoped.