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Case Studies: Chillers - Jay Plastics Corp.

Jay Plastics Corp. - Mansfield, OH

Benefits Realized:

  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Reliability
  • Environment Friendly
  • Added Convenience

What was Installed:
Manufacturer: Tecogen
Type: Tecochill

Technology on Location:
Jay Plastics manufactures decorated trim parts such as wheel covers, defroster grills, and ash tray assemblies for the automotive industry. The company wanted an affordable, reliable solution to remove humidity and to provide chilled water for their injection molding process. They previously used stand-alone, freon-based, electric chillers but found that they didn’t provide a good supply for some of the larger molds and were a nuisance to move around. With operating costs being a key concern, natural gas seemed the “natural” choice.

Technology in Action
Reduced Operating Cost
Jay Plastics cited reduced operating costs as the key driver in switching their chilling system. Natural gas has achieved just that. With an estimated payback of only 1.8 years, the operation of this 150-ton chiller will save them money in a very short time.

Using a larger system for larger molds leads to more dependable chilling. Jay Plastics is now able to use a system that is appropriate for their needs. The company needs consistent energy to run their 24 hour, six day operation. Natural gas gives them the unfailing power they need to fuel their production demands.

Environment Friendly
Jay Plastics’ new chilling system is CFC-free which will result in years of environment-friendly cooling.

Added Convenience
The company no longer needs to wheel around individual chillers. Their new system cools without smaller separate machines.

Overall Satisfaction
Jay Plastics has been very pleased with the success of their gas-driven chiller. The switch has been very cost-effective for them.