Available Modules
  Equipment Index

Absorption Chillers

Air Compressors

Air Handlers

Annealing Equipment - Primary Metals

Baine Marie

Baseboard Heating

Blast Furnaces

Boiler Based Steamers

Boilerless Counter Steamer

Boilers - Environmental

Boilers - Space Heating

Booster Water Heaters - Food Service

Booster Water Heaters - Water Heating

Bottom Heated Fryers

Cabinet Steamers


Cast Iron Boilers - Boilers

Cast Iron Boilers - Water Heating

Catalytic IR Heaters

Catalytic Panel Heaters

Central Thermal Fluid Systems

Ceramic Fiber Mat Heaters

Cheese Melters

Chillers - Absorption

Chillers - Electric

Chillers - Engine Driven

Chinese (Wok) Ranges

Circulating Systems

Coating / Finishing / Annealing Equipment - Primary Metals

Combination (Combi) Ovens

Combo Systems - Direct Contact Water Heaters

Combo Systems - Integrated Heat Pump (IHP)

Combo Systems - Space & Water Heating

Combustion Turbine / Simple Cycle / Combined Cycle

Condensing Gas Water Heaters

Contact Griddles

Control Technologies

Convection Ovens

Conveyor Ovens

Cooling Towers

Counter Steamers

Crucible Melters

Deck Ovens

Desiccant Dehumidification Systems - Space Heating



Donut Fyers

Drain-Water Recovery

Dross Aluminum Recovery

Dry Desiccant Systems

Dual Fuel Engines - Environmental

Duct Furnaces

Electric Air Source Heat Pumps

Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs)

Electric Boilers - Boilers

Electric Boilers - Water Heating

Electric Generating Equipment - Environmental

Electric In-Floor and Wall/Ceiling Panel Radiant Heating Systems

Electric IR Long Wavelength: NiCr Winding Metal Sheath

Electric IR Medium Wavelength: NiCr Winding Quartz Tube

Electric IR Short Wavelength: T3 Lamps

Electric Radiant Infrared Heating Systems

Electric Water/Ground Source Heat Pumps

Electrically Heated Oil - Plastics

Electronic (Interrupted) Ignition

Electrotechnologies - Environmental

Evaporative Cooling

Falling-Film Commercial Steam Generator

Field-Erected Boilers

Finishing Equipment - Primary Metals

Firebox Boilers

Firetube and Watertube Boilers - Water Heating

Firetube Boilers - Firetube Boilers

Floor Heating

Flue Damper (Electromechanical)

Food Processing Equipment

Fuel Cells

Furnaces - Environmental

Future Engines

Gas Absorption Heat Pumps

Gas Dish Machines

Gas Engine-Driven Heat Pumps

Gas Impingement Heaters

Gas Radiant Infrared Heating Systems

Gas Turbines - Engine Drives

Gas Turbines - Environmental

Griddle / Broiler Ranges

Griddle Top Ranges

Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH)

Heat Traps

High Efficiency Infrared Fryers

Holders / Launders - Primary Metals

Holding Cabinets

Hot Top Ranges

Hot Water - Electric - Plastics

Hot Water - Natural Gas - Plastics

Hybrid Distributed Generation

Hydronic Heating

Improved Flue Baffle / Forced Draft

Increased Jacket Insulation

Indirect Water Heaters

Industrial Refrigeration

Infrared Griddles

Instantaneous (Tankless) Water Heaters

Insulated Tank Bottoms (Electric Only)

Integrated Water Heater / Dehumidifier

Kilns - Environmental

Ladles / L. Drying / L. Pre-Heating - Primary Metals

Liquid Desiccant Systems

Makeup Air Units

Metal Fiber Mat Heaters

Natural Gas Engines- Environmental

Non-Contact Griddles

Open Burner Ranges

Other Melters - Primary Metals

Ovens - Environmental

Overfired Broiler

Oxy-Fuel - Primary Metals

Packaged Heating & Cooling

Pasta Cookers

Plastic Tanks

Pool Heaters

Ported Tile IR Heaters

Power Burner Fryers

Power Generation (Stand-By & Backup)

Pressure Fryers

Process Heaters - Environmental


Pulse Boilers

Pulse Combustion Boilers - Water Heating

Pump (Agri-Pumps & Water Pumps)

Rack Ovens

Radiant Heating

Radiant Tubes

Range Ovens

Reciprocating Engines - Distributed Generation

Reciprocating Engines - Engine Drives

Reheat Furnace

Resin Dryers - Electric

Resin Dryers- Natural Gas


Reverberatory Melters

Reverberatory Screen Heaters

Rotary Engines

Rotisserie Ovens


Scrap Preheating Systems - Primary Metals

Scrap Pretreatment - Primary Metals

Secondary Steel Making / Refining / Tundishes

Side-Arm Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Split Vat Fryers

Standard Atmospheric Griddles

Steam - Electric - Plastics

Steam - Natural Gas - Plastics

Steam Injection Ovens

Steam Self Cont. Jacketed Steam Kettles

Steam Turbine Chillers

Steam Turbines

Steam-Direct Jacketed Steam Kettles

Stirling Engines

Storage Water Heaters

Submerged Combustion Direct Contact Boiler

Tankless Coil Water Heaters

Tilting Skillets (Braising Pans)

Tube Fryers


Underfired Char Broiler

Unit Heaters

Vapor Compression Chillers

Variable Speed Motors

Watertube Boilers

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