Available Modules

Ovens - Overview

  • Most widely used appliance in food service industry
  • Large variety and versatility of models - cooks an extensive range of products, slow cook or rapid cook,
    cook/chill, rethermalize
  • General classifications -
    - Baking/Proofing
    - Baking/Roasting
  • Ventilation - light, 150 to 200 cfm per linear foot

Oven Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency numbers are based on FSTC test data from applying the ASTM Standard Test Methods to convection ovens, and on preliminary estimates for combination ovens, deck and conveyor pizza ovens, and rotisseries.

Projected Energy Consumption for Gas & Electric Ovens

1Duty cycle is defined as the average rate of energy consumption expressed as a percentage of the rated energy input or the peak rate at which an appliance can use energy.
2Operating hours or appliance "on time" is the total period of time that an appliance is operated from the time it is turned "on" to the time it is turned "off."
3Based on monitoring a full-size convection oven with an input rate of 72 kBtu/h for gas and 16 kW for electric.
4Based on monitoring a half-size gas convection oven with a rated input of 35 kBtu/h and two half-size electric convection ovens with rated inputs of 5 kW each.
5Based on assumption that usage pattern is similar to half-size oven operation.
6Based on data from an unpublished proprietary end-use monitoring study.
7Based on Food Service Technology Center laboratory rotisserie testing.