Available Modules

Broilers/Melters - Overview

  • Most prevalent equipment type in commercial kitchens
  • Used in preparation of meat, poultry, seafood and certain vegetables, or to heat plated foods, brown, melt toppings or add grilling marks
  • Intense direct heat - open design radiates more heat into kitchen than other cooking appliances
  • Infrared models cook faster than radiant models - as much as 50% -- and heat only food, not surrounding air
  • Conveyor broilers are fast, consistent, and heat food top and bottom simultaneously
  • Precise visual flame control (no thermostatic control) and instant response to demand
  • Grids give charbroiled foods their customary grilling marks
  • Produces more smoke than other cooking methods
  • Generally higher energy use and lower efficiency
  • Ventilation - high, 350-450 cfm per linear foot for gas charbroilers

Underfired Broiler Cooking Energy Efficiency

Energy Consumption for Gas & Electric Broilers

1Duty cycle is defined as the average rate of energy consumption expressed as a percentage of the rated energy input or the peak rate at which an appliance can use energy.
2Operating hours or appliance "on time" is the total period of time that an appliance is operated from the time it is turned "on" to the time it is turned "off."
3Based on data from monitoring two 3-ft charbroilers
4Based on assumption that the usage pattern is somewhat less than gas underfired broiler operation and similar to electric underfired broiler operation.