Available Modules

Steam Equipment - Tilting Skillets (Braising Pans)

  • Energy Input: 6 to 120 kBtu/h gas; 6 to 18 kW electric
  • Used for braising, boiling, simmering, stewing, steaming, pan frying, grilling, roasting, proofing dough, sautéing and keeping foods warm
  • Typically used for large-volume cooking, but smaller units available; capacities 10-50 gallons
  • Highly versatile - can easily perform several different types of cooking in a single day
  • Maintains constant cooking temperatures and reduces cooking time by 25% compared to conventional oven
  • Can be used for proofing or as bain marie by placing pans of food in water-filled braising pan
  • Can prepare two dissimilar foods in separate pans simultaneously
  • Manual or power tilting for ease of use and cleaning
  • Ventilation - light, 150 to 200 cfm per linear foot
  • Although essentially a griddle with sides, braising pan has traditionally been grouped with steam equipment

Braising Pan Cooking-Energy Efficiency

Energy Consumption for Gas and Electric Braising Pans

1Duty cycle is defined as the average rate of energy consumption expressed as a percentage of the rated energy input or the peak rate at which an appliance can use energy.
2Operating hours or appliance "on time" is the total period of time that an appliance is operated from the time it is turned "on" to the time it is turned "off."
4Based on energy consumption ratio of 1.8 for tilting skillets with an assumption that energy usage is similar for the two appliance types