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Specialty Equipment - Warewashing - Overview

Manufacturers offer an endless array of general and job specific warewashing machines to fit every budget and space requirement. Some machines are designed to handle virtually every type of warewashing task. Others are specialized to produce spotless glassware or scrub pots and pans. Pot and pan washers have larger wash compartments and doors to handle large objects such as pots, pans and other big items as well as higher pressure spray arms to remove heavy soil. Additionally, warewashers can meet every capacity and floor plan from door-type models for lower capacity needs (average 1,300 to 1,500 dishes/hr) to large flight style machines (8,000 to 13,000 dishes/hr).

Natural gas machines heat water by one of three methods: infrared burners that heat water in the wash cycle; a single gas heat source for both the wash and rinse cycles; and immersion tube gas burner systems. Gas dishwashers raise the temperature of water exiting the tap at 110o-120oF to the higher 160oF required for the wash cycle. By keeping tap water at the lower, safer temperature, the risk of burns to employees and customers is minimized, and energy use and operating costs are reduced. For the final sanitizing rinse, food service operators can choose either a chemical option which usually offers lower equipment purchase and energy use costs or a warewashing machine or booster water heater that sanitizes with high-temperature water and delivers superior performance, often at a much lower overall "charge per rack" cost.