Available Modules

Specialty Equipment - Warewashing - Gas Dish Machines

Types include:

  • Stationary door (rack)
    - most widely used commercial dishwasher
    - lower volume operations - 50-200 people
    - single or multiple doors open for loading/unloading
    - high temp or low-temp chemical sanitizing models
    - single tank for water and detergent
    - spray arms rinse dishes
  • Rack conveyors or C-line
    - large volume operations - 200+ people
    - conveyor belt moves racks of dishes through separate wash and rinse compartments
    - timer controls conveyor speed to ensure proper wash and rinse
    - modular machines allow addition of tanks for increased production needs
  • Flight-type
    - very large volume operations
    - variation of conveyor dishwasher, but dishes travel through machine on conveyor belt rather than in racks
  • Specialty -
    - sanitizes items such as pots and pans, food carts, pan racks and food delivery cabinets

Considerations when purchasing equipment include:

  • Production capacity
  • Sanitizing method
  • Items to be washed
  • Labor availability
  • Space limitations