Available Modules

Ovens - Baking/Proofing - Deck

  • Energy Input: 20 kBtu/h to 120 kBtu/h gas; 6 to 12 kW electric
  • Used for cookies, pies, cakes, bagels, Italian casseroles, Mexican plated dishes, potatoes and poultry, many red meats, seafood
  • Also known as pizza ovens -- often cooked directly on deck surface
  • Pizza ovens generally offer a greater range of sizes (18" to 78" wide x 22 to 45" deep) compared to baking deck ovens (33" to 42" wide x 36 to 45" deep)
  • Similar to rack ovens, but possess less depth per cavity
  • Stacking one to three units allows greater production than conventional ovens in less space
  • More expensive models have separate burners and thermostat per deck
  • Pans of food placed directly on oven racks (decks); heat source usually below deck
  • Usually two or more decks in oven
  • Four basic sizes -
    - Standard/full-size - high volume operations; insulated for efficiency and minimal kitchen heat gain
    - Countertop - lower volume; ideal for mobile field catering when used with propane gas
    - Vaulted Cavity - designed for front-of-the-house appearance; constructed of brick, stone, masonry or ceramic
    - Motorized Convective - uses motorized blower system to control and force heat flow evenly throughout oven cavity; enhances energy efficiency and baking performance