Available Modules

Ovens - Baking/Proofing - Conveyor

  • Energy Inputs: 120 to 150 kBtu/h gas; 35 to 45 kW electric
  • Used to bake or roast limited number of products at high production rates such as pizza, casseroles, meats, breads and pastries
  • Choice of four heating processes -
    - Infrared
    - Natural convection with ceramic baking hearth
    - Forced convection (air impingement type)
    - Combination of infrared and forced convection
  • Air impingement ovens increase production speed
  • Motorized, automatic, horizontal cooking chamber with openings at either end
  • Food moves through heated chamber at constant, controlled speed and temperature on continuous loop, stainless steel belt or wire mesh
  • Belt speed and cooking temperature preset to recipe specifications
  • Generally two to four times faster than conventional ovens due to fan circulation of hot air
  • Consistent cooking results with minimal waste
  • Dual, variable speed belts allow simultaneous cooking of dissimilar foods
  • Stacking or linking multiple ovens allows high production in minimal space