Available Modules

Ovens - Baking/Roasting - Convection

  • Energy Input: 15 to 100 kBtu/h gas; 2 to 40 kW electric
  • Used for meat and baked goods
  • Capacities up to 6 pans
  • Heat circulates quickly and evenly by mechanical blowers
  • Can use single or multiple burners - rarely infrared burners
  • Fast, low temperature roasting retains juices and offers higher yields per pound
  • More even heating and browning at rates 25% faster than conventional ovens
  • Gas technology advancement - cross-flow convection ovens
    - Incorporates catalytic airflow which enables oven to self-clean grease from cooking process
    - Eliminates need to rotate pans midway during cooking
    - Provides superior uniformity
    - Less food waste
    - Improved product quality