Available Modules

Ovens - Baking/Roasting - Combination (Combi)

  • Energy Inputs: 68 to 212 kBtu/h gas; 10 to 63 kW electric
  • Blend of conventional, convection and steam heat technologies
  • Convection -
    - food prepared using rapid circulation of hot air and dry heat
    - effective for short cook times and rapid browning such as hamburgers, steaks, baked goods and au gratin foods
  • Steam Mode -
    - functions as fan-forced pressureless compartment steamer
    - used for vegetables, seafood or reheating prepared foods
  • Combination -
    - use of steam and convection, either independently or simultaneously, to provide moist heat
    - foods cook by superheated steam above 212°F
    - ideal for large roasts, poultry casseroles and baked goods requiring browned crust and fluffy interior
  • Available in half-size and full-size stackable models and large roll-in cart model
  • Options include holding and proofing temperature settings and high-end temperatures exceeding 550°F for broiling
  • Stainless steel construction, spray heads and steam generation capabilities make combi oven easier to clean