Available Modules

Ovens - Baking/Roasting - Rotisserie

  • Energy Inputs: 40 to 60 kBtu/h gas; 4 to 12 kW electric
  • Often used for display appeal to attract customer attention and stimulate appetites
  • Effective for chicken, turkey, pork, steak, lamb, prime rib, beef round, seafood and vegetables
  • Uses refractory type burners located in back of oven
  • Constant turning of food on spit and even heat exposure retain moisture
  • Gives food desirable rotisserie flavor
  • Easy to customize food with seasonings or coatings
  • Types include:
    - Rotisserie ovens - batch cookers
    - Rotisserie broilers - continuous loading and cooking
  • Available in window, back bar and floor models