Available Modules

Ranges - Chinese (Wok) Ranges

  • Energy Input: 50 to 160 kBtu/h
  • Designed for wok cooking using wells or chambers and stir-frying (keeping food constantly in motion) at high cooking temperatures
  • Usually custom-built in a large variety of sizes based on number and diameter of chambers required - chambers can range from 10" to 30" in diameter
  • Styles include:
    • Oriental -
      • Unique to different Asian cooking styles
      • Insulated with fiberglass and uses flue gases to heat soup wells
    • North American - East Coast style
      • Insulated with fiberglass and uses flue risers for ventilation
    • West Coast style -
      • No insulation or flue risers
      • Cools using perforated water lines to flush water across range top and into slop trough
  • Most commonly use natural gas, but can use propane, butane or electric induction
    • Gas models use ring burners, jet burners or power burners depending on cooking style and heat requirements
    • Electric models use an induction coil that induces a current field in the metal wok pan bottom to heat foods
    • Electric models are rare due to the limited variety of styles, the fragility of the coils, and the cost of the cookware and coils
  • Ventilation - heavy, 350 to 450 cfm per linear foot

Chinese Range Types

Energy Efficiency for Chinese Ranges

Energy Consumption for Gas Chinese Ranges