Available Modules

Broilers/Melters - Underfired Char Broiler

  • Energy Input: 30-240 kBtu/h gas; 21-46 kBtu/h electric
  • Often called charbroilers or hearth broilers
  • Cook high volumes of meat or seafood with more smoke and flame than overfired broilers, salamanders and cheesemelters
  • Often used for display appeal to attract customer attention and stimulate appetites
  • Radiate heat upward to grids from ceramic or volcanic briquettes or cast or stainless steel radiants heated by burners
  • Drippings from cooking food and fats create flames, flavors and aromas of char broiling
  • Briquettes or radiants protect burner openings from drippings
  • Can be installed as part of heavy-duty kitchen battery or on countertop or equipment stand
  • Require significant ventilation