Available Modules

Steam Equipment - Steamers - Cabinet

Pressure Steamers

  • Used for cooking unfrozen foods
  • Usually accommodates 3 to 8 pans of food
  • Smaller compartments than pressureless steamers and heavy, locking doors
  • Types include -
    - Low-pressure - 3 to 9 psig; high-volume for institutional cooking
    - High-pressure 10-15 psig; smaller, but cook twice as fast as low-pressure
  • Pressurized steam raises internal food temperature 3o above 212oF for every pound of pressure
  • Best used in continuous cooking operations without starts and stops
  • Generally shorter cook times, higher efficiency

Pressureless (Atmospheric) Steamers

  • Especially suited to frozen foods and on-line cooking
  • Usually accommodates 3 to 8 pans per compartment
  • Cooks without use of pressure
  • Steamer defrosts food, then cooks
  • Cooking starts and stops automatically without depressurization when door opens
  • Constant influx of fresh steam allows for cooking dissimilar food simultaneously without flavor transfer
  • May use fan for forced convection steaming for shorter cook times and even cooking