Available Modules

Natural Gas: Radiant Tubes

These burners, although not typically classified as infrared technologies, transfer 100% of their heat output as radiation. This burner type is unique in that the flame and combustion gases are isolated from the load. The burner is placed at one end of the tube and fires down towards a closed end for single-end designs or towards the exhaust end for U-tube and other designs.

Radiant tubes are used mostly when a higher temperature is needed (1400°F or higher) and in applications where parts being processed cannot tolerate contact with combustion products.

How It Works:

    1. Burner fires through the inside of a tube
    2. Tube is heated to incandescence, radiating energy

Tube life is generally related to operating temperature; the higher the temperature, the lower the expected life.

These burners come in a variety of shapes, including U-tube, straight thru tube, and single-ended.

Applications: Heat Treating, Other Indirect Applications