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Case Studies: Central Thermal Fluid Systems - Bailey Corporation

Bailey Corporation, Lancaster, OH

Benefits Realized:

  • Uniform Temperature Control
  • Easy Expansion
  • Energy Savings
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Reduced Scrap Rates

What was Installed:
Manufacturer: Fulton
Type: ThermoPac

Technology on Location:
Bailey Corporation manufactures fiberglass reinforced exterior body components for the automotive industry. They purchased a Fulton Thermopac natural gas CTFS to heat all of their molds off of one system and have experienced exceptional results.

Technology in Action

Uniform Temperature Control
Bailey needs a consistent temperature of 300°F in their molds to produce their product. Previously, they heated the oil that circulates through these molds with individual electric heating units. Maintaining consistent temperatures with numerous units proved to be a nightmare. Now that they have switched to a centralized gas unit, they have found that maintaining this consistency is a breeze.

Easy Expansion
The CTFS's high capacity for expansion has impressed Bailey. Bailey can now increase molding capacity by simply adding more piping. They no longer have to buy new individual heating equipment as their demands increase.

Energy Savings
Bailey has seen a significant savings since changing from electricity to natural gas. This energy savings has convinced them of the lucrative results of staying with natural gas.

Lower Maintenance
One central system means only one system to maintain. Bailey no longer has to oversee numerous pieces of equipment for temperature uniformity or service issues. One system does everything.

Reduced Scrap Rates (Due to Improved Temperature Uniformity)
If plastic is heated too high or too low, product quality goes down. The natural gas Central Thermal Fluid System's extraordinary temperature uniformity makes the product perfect every time and reduces scrap.

Overall Satisfaction
Bailey has been so pleased with their system and its ability to maintain consistent temperatures while lowering costs that they have decided to "never return to electric for any reason."