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Case Studies: Resin Dryers - Dos Manos

Dos Manos, Royal Oak, MI

Benefits Realized:

  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Dependability
  • Electric "Demand Charges" Eliminated

What was Installed:
Manufacturer: Conair

Technology on Location:
Dos Manos Technologies, a minority-owned company, is located in a newly built injection molding plant and manufactures injection molded components for the automotive industry.

Dos Manos wanted to expand its production but did not have the electrical capacity. That is when they decided to install Conair gas-fired resin dryers exclusively.

Technology in Action

Energy Cost Savings
The Dos Manos plant, built in 1998-1999, is a 40,000-sq.ft. facility. The parent company and those in charge of the facility and equipment specifications knew prior to installation that gas dryers would be less expensive and more efficient to operate than their electric counterparts.

All six of the installed Conair resin dryers have demonstrated their dependability. The units have not required additional maintenance. Also more resin can be dried with the gas resin dryer units, since they deliver more uniform and efficient heat than electric models.

Electric "Demand Charges" Eliminated
Use of natural gas engine-driven equipment also eliminates electric-demand surcharges. Utility companies typically add these charges to electric bills during normal business hours, especially during the summer.

Improved Productivity
The gas-fired resin dryers provide improved productivity by allowing the processor to dry more material in less time with significant energy cost savings over equivalent electric units. Gas dryers offer up to 80% or more energy savings over electric units, depending on local energy rates, according to gas utilities. Many new gas dryer designs incorporate microprocessors and computer integration to optimize both the bed temperature and air flow rate and to also make in-line measurements of the plastic's moisture content. Gas-fired dryers use advanced burner technology, provide high efficiencies, low emissions and long life.

Overall Satisfaction
Dos Manos plant engineer, Ed Palmer says "I would recommend the gas units. They dry the material and meet the application. If we need to add more dryers, I'd add more of the gas units."