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Case Studies: Praxair's CoJet Gas Injection System

Praxair, Inc announced in August of 2002 a start-up of its patented CoJet® gas injection system at the electric arc furnace (EAF) at Co-Steel Raritan, Perth Amboy, N.J. The addition of this site brings the number of furnaces licensed to operate CoJet technology to more than 50 in 12 countries.

Praxair currently licenses its CoJet system to steel makers for installation on new or existing electric arc furnaces where it can save a typical mill from $1.81 to $3.63 per ton of steel produced. The system is marketed through Praxair Metals Technologies, a business unit of Praxair, Inc. dedicated to the commercialization of technologies and services for the global metals industry. The CoJet system uses a computer-based process control system with wall-mounted nozzles that deliver a laser-like, supersonic jet of oxygen into the molten steel bath of an EAF. As a critical component of steel-making, oxygen is injected into the furnace to control the amount of carbon in the steel, provide additional energy for improved melting of scrap, and enhance removal of phosphorous for higher quality.

"Co-Steel Raritan is the first installation of CoJet technology for Praxair with Co-Steel Inc.," said Praxair Metals Technologies' CoJet business development manager, Sumant Warty. "They chose the CoJet system because it has been demonstrated to perform to the highest expectations in over 50 furnace installations worldwide."

"Praxair met all of our operational parameters and especially the need we had expressed for installation in May," stated Ron Witzig, vice president operations at Co-Steel Raritan. "The system is now fully operational and has thus far met our performance expectations."

Praxair also supplies Co-Steel Raritan with oxygen, nitrogen and argon used in the steelmaking process. This arrangement demonstrates Praxair's ability to deliver both unique, cost saving melting technologies and, where required, high quality, reliable industrial gas supply.

Co-Steel Raritan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Co-Steel Inc., one of the largest mini-mill steel producers and steel scrap processors in the world. Co-Steel Raritan operates an electric arc furnace, a ladle arc refining unit, a continuous caster and a twin strand high speed rod mill. As one of the largest wire rod producers in the United States, Co-Steel Raritan has an annual rolling mill capacity of approximately 1.0 million tons of wire rod products and an annual melting capacity of approximately 1.0 million tons.

Praxair Metals Technologies directs the development and marketing of technology for licensing, process control software and technical services in energy conservation, product quality and productivity to steel, aluminum and other metals customers around the world. For more information, visit praxair.com/metals.