Available Modules


The primary metals industries module addresses facilities that melt and refine metals from ores and / or scrap metal. The molten metal output is generally poured directly into semi-finished shapes (i.e. continuous casting) or solidified into semi-finished condition (i.e. slabs, billets or other near shape products) before it is further processed (rolled, drawn, extruded, etc.), generally after reheating, to produce plate, sheet, tubing, bar, rod, wire, and other items. Primary metals industries include ferrous and non-ferrous metals and provide products both in the form of direct end products or as stock for use by other industries (i.e. billets for reheating and forging).

The processes and technologies included in this module involve molten metal production and handling. Most other metals processes (i.e. heat treating) that occur after the molten metal solidifies will not be covered in this module. For steel, the module will include process steps through the reheat furnace (see Processes - Ferrous) and will also include some information on coating, finishing, and annealing. For aluminum, only melting, transport, and holding technologies will be covered. The metal casting foundry market will be broadly characterized.