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Demographics: Steel

The U.S. Steel industry equates to a $50+ billion enterprise with additional downstream processing pushing the value closer to $75 billion. Steel is produced in 37 states with the highest concentration of mills in the Great Lakes states (Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York). Although many thousands of facilities in the USA process steel products, only around 50 companies produce the bulk of the molten primary metal utilized throughout the country.

A National Industry

  • Top steel shipment states are Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Maryland, West Virginia, and Arkansas.
  • The industry consists of two types of facilities: Integrated (ore-based - blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces - with up to ~25% scrap) and Electric Arc Furnace - EAF (essentially 100% scrap-based).
  • In 1999, the steel industry produced 107 million tons of steel. 58 million tons were produced in basic oxygen furnaces and the remainder, 49 million tons, in EAFs. This 1999 U.S. steel industry production equates to about 13% of the global steel output.