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Demographics: Metal Casting - Magnesium

Magnesium compounds are recovered from seawater and minerals such as dolomite, brucite, and olivine. Compounds are then further processed to produce primary magnesium.

Seawater and natural brines accounted for about 60% of U.S. magnesium compounds production. Magnesium oxide and other compounds were recovered from seawater by two companies in Delaware and Florida, from well brines by three companies in Michican, and from lake brines by two companies in Utah. Magnesite was mined by one company in Nevada, brucite was mined by one company in Nevada and one company in Texas, and olivine was mined by two companies in North Carolina and Washington.

After magnesium oxide compounds are produced, one of two main types of recovery are used to produce primary magnesium metal. These processes are known as electrolytic production or thermal reduction.