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General Profile Information - Markets Served: Metal Casting - Lead

The primary end users of lead are batteries and ammunition. Consumers of lead include TV glass, computer glass, construction (including radiation shields), and protective coatings. The U.S. is the world's largest lead consumer.

Lead is consumed in the manufacture of end-use products, including batteries, ammunition, covering for power and communication cable, building construction materials, and solders for motor vehicles, metal containers, and electrical and electronic components and accessories, in about 160 plants.

Lead-acid batteries, starting-lighting-ignition (SLI) and industrial-types, continued to be the overwhelming dominant use of lead, accounting for about 87% of reported lead consumption.

Industrial-type batteries include stationary batteries, such as those used in uninterruptible power-supply equipment for hospitals, computer and telecommunications networks, and load-leveling equipment for commercial electrical power systems, as well as traction batteries such as those in industrial forklifts, airline ground equipment, and mining vehicles.