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Calculators – Trace 700 (Trane Air Conditioning Economics)

TRACE 700 is a complete load, system, energy and economic analysis program that compares the energy and economic impact of such building alternatives as architectural features, HVAC systems, building utilization or scheduling and economic options. It enables building designers to optimize the building, system and equipment designs on the basis of energy utilization and life-cycle cost. The program facilitates analysis of the energy and economic effects of virtually any chiller plant configuration by allowing users to manipulate a wide range of variables and create a profile of their specific building.

Using the software in the early stages of building planning, enables the building owner and design team to benefit from a detailed analysis. This software also facilitates the assessment of energy and economic impact of building renovation or system retrofit projects. TRACE is approved by the IRS to certify energy savings which could entitle building owners a tax relief for energy efficient buildings.