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Demographics: Types of Commercial Buildings with Space Heating and Space Cooling

About the same amount of commercial floor space has space heating, space cooling, and water heating capabilities.

Energy End Uses, Floor Space for Non-Mall Buildings, 2003
(Total Floor Space – million square feet)

Space Heating


Water Heating




Also, the distribution of total feet of floor space in commercial buildings that have space heating and cooling systems is essentially the same as water heating. 50% of space heating by floor space occurs in education, office, and warehouse and storage buildings when surveyed by type of activity they housed.

Note: Based on total feet of floor space dedicated to each business activity.
Source: EIA, 2003 CBECS, Table B25 http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cbecs/cbecs2003/detailed_tables_2003/2003set6/2003excel/b25.xls