Available Modules

Hydronic Heating – Baseboard Heating

Hydronic baseboard heating is a method of heating that uses heated water piped throughout the space. A boiler or water heater is used to heat water to 170°F to 180°F, which then is circulated using a pump through copper or PEX plastic type pipe. Attractive and unobtrusive aluminum or steel panels conceal the piping.

The basic system uses a closed loop in which heated water travels through a single pipe and returns to the boiler through the same pipe to be reheated and recirculated. Baseboard systems can also incorporate multiple zones, which allows each room to be controlled by a separate thermostat. Zoned systems utilize two pipes—one sends hot water to the baseboards and the other returns the water to the boiler to be reheated. A thermostatically controlled valve that opens to let hot water into the baseboard of a zone and closes once the room reaches the set point maintains room temperatures.

Two Pipe Zoned System