Available Modules

Radiant Heating – Radiant Infrared Heating Systems – Electric

Electric infrared heaters are promoted as ideal for applications where gas is not available or impractical. The electric infrared heater types commonly used for space heating process purposes are:

Quartz – Tubes, Lamps, Emitters and Flat Faced
Quartz heaters consist of quartz or glass bulbs mounted inside a metal housing or flat faced panel heater. Inside the quartz tube, electric current passes through a tungsten filament or helical nickel-chromium element, which heats the tube and emits infrared energy. One, two or more tubes can be fitted into the unit. Quartz tubes operate at temperatures of 2000°F or more and glow white hot. The tubes are susceptible to hot spots and premature failures from dirt and skin oil, necessitating the use of white gloves when handling.

Metal Sheathed Elements
For heavy duty applications and areas such as industrial factories where the heater may be exposed to shock and vibration, metal sheathed tubular or “calrod” type units are the better electric choice. A nickel-chromium element embedded in a metal sheath heats the sheath, which radiates energy. With longer wavelengths and lower temperatures—1600°F to 1800°F—these units glow red during operation.