Available Modules

Condensing Gas Water Heaters

Condensing water heaters are ultra-efficient, achieving thermal efficiencies of 94%. They use power burners and enhanced heat exchangers to force hot combustion gases into chambers and tubes that are submerged in the stored water.

Condensing gas water heaters result in higher efficiency as they cool the exhaust to a low enough temperature to allow the water vapor in the exhaust to condense. The additional heat extracted from the exhaust is then transferred to the water in the tank. In addition, because the exhaust gases are cool, high temperature plastic or stainless steel can be used for the vent piping. These water heaters also eliminate the exposed tank bottom and the center flue, thus reducing standby losses.

The plastic vent piping on ultra-efficient water heaters goes directly through an outside wall. Combustion air is also drawn through one of the vent pipes from the outside air. Thus, the combustion process is sealed off from the occupied space, eliminating safety issues relating to the harmful products of combustion.