Available Modules

Combo Systems - Space & Water Heating

A fairly new technology uses a conventional or high-efficiency gas water heater to provide space heating as well as water heating, eliminating the need for a furnace. This type of system is recommended for buildings with small space-heating loads, for example, milder climates or individual units in multifamily buildings.

How It Works
The heated water is distributed in a hydronic heating system, which doubles as the hot water distribution piping. Insulated plumbing is run from the water heater to a coil in an air handling system, warming the air, which is then distributed throughout the building. A small pump circulates the potable water from the water heater to this fan coil unit and back. Water typically leaves the water heater at 140°F and is returned at 120°F, so the water in the water heater is always hot enough for showers and washing.