Available Modules

Combo Systems - Integrated Heat Pump (IHP)

The Integrated Heat Pump (IHP) is an evolution of the HPWH. The IHP delivers space heating and cooling, water heating and dedicated dehumidification.

A fairly sophisticated control system is required to match space conditioning and water heating demand for maximum efficiency and to control the charge inventory in the different operating modes. The cost of these controls and multiple valves, plus the interconnection between the heat pump and water storage tank, adds approximately $1,200 or more to the installed cost compared to a comparably performing space conditioning only heat pump.

How It Works
On demand water heating and space heating and cooling are provided. In the space cooling mode, water heating is provided by "free heat" rejected from the space cooling mode. During periods of low cooling load, the water heating load may exceed the rejected heat from space cooling. To meet the additional water heating load, the integrated heat pump operates in ambient air source heat pump mode.

During periods of no space conditioning loads or periods with a space heating load, water is heated in ambient air source heat pump mode, with the heat output shared between water and space heating.

When the ambient temperature falls below the balance point, the water is heated by back-up electric resistance heat.

The combined effect of the heating, cooling and water heating modes is a 65% to 75% reduction in water heating energy consumption compared to electric resistance.

Conceptual Diagram of Intergrated Heat Pump Design