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Boiler Technologies: Pulse Combustion Boilers

A pulse combustion boiler is similar to a car engine in that both have continuous tiny air and gas charges that ignite many times per second. The pulse provides the necessary combustion pressure to direct-vent combustion products without fan assistance.

Unlike conventional power burners, pulse boilers are modulated. The result is a boiler that offers 5:1 turndown ratio for precise load matching capability. Hydronic boiler efficiency is a function of return water temperature and heat-transfer effectiveness. When operating in the condensing mode with cold water entering, pulse combustion boilers are up to 95% or more efficient. That compares with other high-efficiency boilers that range from 80 to 85% efficient and conventional boiler efficiency of 70 to 75%.

Capacity/Energy Input
300,000 to 2,000,000 Btu/hr

Ranges from 84 - 98%